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CME ARMA deals in military surplus on a regular basis, both buying and selling.

CME ARMA is always buying New and Used surplus electrical parts for our rebuilding facility in Miami, Florida.

CME ARMA is also interested in listing any Government Surplus that you may have in our CME MATCHMAKER SYSTEM .

If you are interested in purchasing Government Surplus items, limited to hard goods, we do not deal in soft goods or consumer items; Please fax your inquiry to CME ARMA 305-633-9537.

If you have Surplus to offer CME ARMA, PLease fax us.

If you would like to search the CME Matchmaker System On-line, enter a National Stock Number (NSN) or Part Number below and click the corresponding button.
4500 NW 36 Avenue, Miami, Florida USA.FAX (305)633-9537 Cage 0T0Y2
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